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Monday, October 25, 2010

Rose Street Market

About four times a year I put my name down to help out at the market stall for the Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild of Victoria.  If you sell work at their shop then you are required to volunteer at the markets, which only seems fair and is a great way of doing some research as to what non spinners like.  As I produce yarn that I want to sell, it seems fairly pointless to keep spinning with no customers in mind, and attending these markets just keeps me informed as well as a lovely day out.

Yesterday was no exception, it was a "Pearlah" as my darling husband would say.  The toys at the front of the stall were a big draw card and got lots of cuddles and found new homes.  Skeins of wool did well as always and one of my friend's felted scarves is on its way to Ireland!  She was thrilled especially as she was manning the stall with me and got to chat to the customer.

DH came and met me for lunch and looked round at what was for sale.  This market in particular is totally dedicated to crafts people and artists so it was very inspiring.  DH will one day go back to furniture making and sell at various markets like he used to.  So a browse round yesterday was a tempter for the future.

Sales were good and I got to do some spinning, which drew a bit of attention.  Came home, had a glass of red and cooked a stir fry for dinner, a lovely end to the day.

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