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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mohair locks

Mohair tailspun yarn on my wonderful Majacraft Aura wheel
These Mohair locks are bound for a project that I have in mind for me. The inspiration for the colour way was from a silk and stainless steel fine yarn that I found from wonderful shop here in Richmond Melbourne, Dairing.  Teresa, the owner, had knitted the most wonderful fine shrugs and tops from this yarn and it scrunched up and kept it's creased texture because of the stainless steel in the yarn - amazing!  I bought several bobbins off her and so the project started.  I now have a single spun in silk, wool and mohair, with the silk and stainless steel yarn as a wrap and now the Mohair tail spun yarn to go with it.  Now with the three yarns I must think about a project with me in mind.  Something will come to me, the creative process is interesting, but can't be rushed.


  1. gorgeous! I just brought my Aura home and have to get spinning. Are those locks corespun?

  2. Wonderful news that you have your Aura, I think it is one of the best purchases that I have made, I don't look at wheels now, yet before I always had a peek at anything new. Yes the yarn is corespun, however I am going to try a new technique that I found on http://www.youtube.com/user/namastefarms
    Natalie produces wonderful fibre and yarns and I thought I would try this as it would leave more of the lock (tail) free to be the feature of the yarn.