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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas spinning preparation

After Christmas we go down to Skenes Creek near the beach for a long awaited and restful holiday.  My DH is very understanding of my passion for spinning and understands the need to take my equipment with me.  Spinning wheel, carder and of course fibre all has to be taken down.  I think however he would start to shake his head if I took the dyes and dye pots so in preparation for the separation from these items I am dyeing.

I have gone back to my usual style of dyeing which is to grab a handful or two of each fibre and silk cloth that I want in the yarn, put it in a pot and then add the colours that I want.  Each fibre takes up the dye differently and when I spin it the yarn it has the different textures and sheens and yet they all marry together.
I usually dye in 200grm lots but this time I was getting to the 300grm.

It's a perfect day to dry it so I am now having a rest and planning my next combinations, after all I will be away for a while and I wouldn't want to run out.  When that has happened in the past I have been known to take a trip over the Otways and visit Wendy Dennis and purchase the odd bit of Polworth to satisfy my addiction.  I am lucky never to be too far away from a supplier.

Christmas is coming with a rush I had better start the food shopping soon, but maybe I will just work out some more colour ways first..............

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