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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year from Skenes

Finally taking a breath and getting into a holday routine.  I promised myself that I would take this opportunity to spin and spin and spin, as my D.H is pottering around on the Pearlah and thoroughly enjoying himself.

The one modification you have to overcome is a certain lack of equipment, I mean as accommodating as D.H. is there is only so much room in the van and unfortunately the  carding machine, picker and all the dye pots had to be left behind.  I had hope, but hey all spinners can facilitate their passion with a minimum of equipment.   Needless to say, I still brought four large hampers of pre dyed fibre and my hackle so I am determined to make a dent in it.

Circular Hackle

This is a circular hackle, a prototype produced by Julie of Petlyn Fibres and this is the perfect opportunity to test it out. 

It will get a work out as I am filling it up with every type of fibre I can think of and drafting off some mighty 'rough rovings'.  Just what I want for this Skenes inspired yarn. 

I just looked out of the window and there was the inspiration! 

Colours out of our window
 So searching through the hampers this is the result.

This a truly loaded Hackle

A roll of rough Roving

Spun single

Coiled back on commercial threads
Well I have better get back to it, as I am sure the "Captain' might return soon and besides I have the another colour way coming on!

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  1. Great to see you yesterday! That yarn's looking lovely, great colours. And how nice is your view? Jo.