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Friday, September 10, 2010

The best laid plans!

Yep 'the best laid plans of mice and men are apt to go astray' I don't know who said that and I'm not trying to hex myself, but I have a weekend coming up on my own. Well part of the weekend anyway. Now for those of you who have lived on their own you know the drill if you want to get things done - don't you? You eat take away, you don't do your hair, in fact you could stay in your dressing gown for the best part of the day. Going out for take away could even take up too much time if your on a mission, therefore toast is the best standby accompanied by lots of cups of tea.

I think you might be getting my drift, I am planning to get lots of spinning done with the aim of getting my web site up and running.

I was inspired by the lovely cheque I received from the Guild for the sale of my yarns over the last 6 weeks - a nice surprise, and big enough to tell me that I should be getting over my preconceived idea that I don't know enough to get this website up and running. So shhh, let's not say it too loud or someone might hear, but the whirring and soft breeze that you hear and feel this weekend will be me spinning away - wish me luck.

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