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Monday, September 13, 2010

The dye pots are simmering

Just watched a video on dying fibre from Namaste Farms on Facebook- Natalie Redding - she is truly inspirational if not a little unconventional (that's the part I like) on dyeing. Seeing it is my day off I am inspired and have got the dyepots heating up. Grabbed some washed fleece, silk, mohair and some silk fabric and put it all in the pot with a some vinegar. It is heating up as I type. I am planning to put two or three colours in the pot and we wills see what comes out. I love this way of dying as the colours come out differently on each type of fibre. I can then card the fibres and blend them together to get a very muted result or I can spin then as they come into my hand and get a very textured and yet co-ordinated look to my yarn. I am also going to try dying some Merino top in the oven. I have a roasting dish that I never use, even though it is stainless steel the heat distribution for roasting is less than favourable. I hoping that dyeing in this way that there will be less movement and the top will not felt. Here's hoping, its all drying outside, looks good but the proof will be in the spinning!

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  1. I never know what my colours are going to be like, either, and it is always a nice surprise.