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Monday, September 6, 2010

Take a deep breath!

Well here goes, I have been going to start this for so long and I have just been letting 'stuff' get in the way. Now I am taking a few moments, hopefully each day, to put down a few thoughts on the progress I am making with my Art Yarn spinning.
I have been spinning Art Yarns for at least 4 years and it is my favourite form of spinning. I just love how the colours and textures come together. My aim is to produce artistic, yet practical yarns, that knitters want to incorporate into their work. I don't really like knitting so I talk to knitters to find out what their pet peeves are and what they look for in a 'novelty' yarn. Why they don't like them, and what would change their mind about them etc. It seems the best way to research this subject because after all I don't want them just sitting there doing nothing no matter how wonderful I think they look. Admiration only goes so far.

Well, today I am working on some cream coloured yarn for an order and then making some multi coloured sari silk yarn for another. In between I am taking Mum to the doctors and doing some cooking for the week. Sounds like a plan - let's see how it goes.

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