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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bangle inspired

After dyeing lots of fibre a while back and spinning the most obvious colour combinations from them, I was just about to pack them away.  I often do that, and then later something will come along, some form of inspiration, that will make me hunt for a colour or a fibre to go with a completely different colour combination than was initially intended.  However, as I was packing them away, I came across a bangle that had not made it to my dressing table and I took a moment to study the colour combination.  It seems that my untidyness was truly inspirational.  I wish I could say that this was the reason for all untidyness, but in this case I was happy to use that excuse, and started to grab the fibres that would match the bangle.

Sometimes there are rewards for untidiness!

 Having got the fibre together I decided to make a fibre sandwich as I didn't want to blend the colours too much and I wanted to create a lot of texture in the yarn

Finally it was time to roll it all up and start spinning!   

Layer upon Layer
Time to spin!

Bangle inspired!

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