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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Getting ready for Yarra Glen

Busy day today getting all my yarns and scarves ready for the Yarra Glen Artisans Market at the Yarra Glen Art Show.

Matches the gold fish!
Apart from labelling all my yarns etc I had to cover the prefect body hanging up in my work room in Linen.  Up until now she has just been an uninspiring plastic and when I draped a scarf around it didn't look very 'arty'.  So in an effort to make her look a bit more 'organic' I cut up pieces of Linen and got out the trusted PVA glue.  I was pleased with the result.

My basket of goodies ready to be received by the orgnisers
One of my latest scarves was inspired by several fibre artists in the states - Natalie from Namaste Farm being one of them and some fringe scarves I did last winter that went very well.  Whilst the fibre they used was Wensleydale I used Mohair and the result was rather yummy.  I dyed the fringe in graduated shades of brown, amber and orange.

Tonight I tidied up my work room, how does it get so messy, but at least I feel like my creative mind is a bit more organised. I will be having a fibre friend coming to stay soon so I feel like my room is ready for a visitors!

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