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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Where has the time gone?

It's a bit scary how fast this year is going, I mean we are at the begining of March for goodness sake.  Where has the summer gone, today I am really feeling a chill and had the heater on in the car this morning!  Never mind I love the change of seasons, and feeling a chill in the air means only one thing - I need to spin faster and more often.

This might be a bit of a philosophical question  and right out of 'left field' but do you believe that you create the coincidences in your life because you were already thinking along those lines, and want to see them as that?  Or do you believe that coincidences happen because these are confirming the direction in which you should go and you should take notice of them?  Complicated I know, but I feel a change coming on and I am sitting on the fence at the moment, one thing for sure, it hurts your backside well and truly!!

Enough of that, especially as I have some new yarns to show off.  One especially I am very fond of, a Tailspun yarn from Wensleydale Fleece.  Why special you say, well I come from Yorkshire and as a child loved the dreadlock sheep out on the moors.  Now this fibre came from Namaste Farm in California - small world now - and Natalie does a wonderful job in producing this lovely fibre. The fibre is so soft and the locks were a good 12 inches long in some cases, it was a dream to spin.  Now what colour will I dye it, that has to be given some thought.

At the moment I am preparing some work to go in the Yarra Glen Art Show in the Artisans Market, I am really looking forward to it and hopefully I will sell some of my yarns.  Even if I don't  it will be a lovely event and when I am there they want me to spin......like I was going to say 'No', try and stop me!  They are also promoting some Art Yarn Spinning workshops in August so it looks like the year is getting booked up! Can I hear sleigh bells?  Who said that?

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