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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Quick trip

My DH made a quick trip to Skenes Friday afternoon, mowed the lawn and then woke up in the morning to a very thick mist coming off the sea.  Everything is growing like mad in this environment and I can't wait to spend three weeks down there after Christmas just pottering around in the garden and spinning my heart out.
I love Nasturtiums, but have to keep them out of the bush!

Vegie/Herb garden is doing well, although things are already going to seed!

The block next door has sold and I do hope they come and mow the grass soon!  The vines are apparently growing very well according to the 'keeper of the vines'.  He reckons that we will be drinking the 'Deck House Red' in three years.  I am so looking forward to that, withstanding plague, pestilence and the birds!  I have my doubts about the location and the climate, but then again I could be proven wrong, and let's face it, I hope I am wrong!

The Pizza oven is the Christmas holiday project, along with a shed to keep all the manly tools in.  Judging by the size of the base of the Pizza oven, and calculating the normal relationship in size between the two, the shed will be huge! DH assures me that it will diminish in size at the next level of construction and that this base is for storing the wood.  I hope so otherwise we will be producing Pizzas that could feed the whole neighbourhood!

Growing up in the world!
Helicopter pad? No, the base of the Pizza Oven

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