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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Who would have thought

Just a little TLC and it comes to life
  At my last visit to the Guild, when they had the Textile Bazaar, there was this black garbage bag on the floor with some very dull, straight, matted Mohair in it.  My friend Dianne and I looked at each other and both had the same thought at the same time.  I dutifully paid exactly what they wanted which was $10 for the bag and we then divided it up between us.

I gave it a very hot soak in some very soapy water and then another and another and finally a hot rinse (soak) with a little vinegar.  I am now rewarded with a beautiful shiny mass of conservative curls which will look fantastic as tailspun  yarn and it is soooo soft.  Yep, you just have to look a little deeper sometimes and take a plunge.

I think by the time it is spun up and dyed it will look like this. Sometimes you
just don't want those baby curls!

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