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Monday, November 22, 2010

What a weekend

I just had one of those weekends, you know, the type that makes you think I don't care that tomorrow is Monday!

We went to the Leonard Cohen concert on Saturday - A day on the Green - quite an experience.  The weather was perfect, we had enough food to feed an army and my favourite musical poet did not let us down.  It was an afternoon/night of memories and we are still talking about it.  People around us were sociable and so varied in age groups, it was so good to be involved.

Then on Sunday,  I went to a group called the Crazy Crocheters in Healesville.  I caught up with a friend from Horsham and made a few more friends!  I was invited by Gayle Burgess of
Gayle Lorraine Designs to come and show my Art Yarns and I also had the opportunity to look at many interesting 'show and tell's of treasured collections, and recent finished projects of these wonderful artisans. Everyone was so generous in their suggestions to others and many things were discussed, not the least was how to price our hand crafted items and how to sell them and target our market.

A perfect day, what with the weather and the lovely lunch that was provided.  Everyone had favourable comments about my yarns resulting in quite a few sales!  Now here is an interesting dilemma, well not really, but now I have to spin more yarns to replace those assigned for the impending web site.  At this rate I am always going to play catch up, what a wonderful predicament to be in.
 Introducing the Crazy Crocheters, many thanks for making me feel so welcome!
Well I know what I need to do today......spin, spin...........and spin!  Not to mention card and dye and wash fleece.  The weather report is for an ideal drying fleece day!

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